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The Newey Group act as parent company to the following horticulture business centres located around the UK, with our main offices based in Warwickshire and West Sussex

Young Plants Ltd: Dedicated in the sourcing, marketing, selling and distribution of young plants to commercial wholesale growers in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Whitehill Seed Co: Supplying and marketing top quality seed to the wholesale trade while constantly striving to develop its range of varieties. Offering customers additional options and flexibility in their growing programmes

Transflora: Horticultural transport and logistic operations; providing customers with solutions to the movement of goods both nationally and internationally

Omni Solutions UK: Bringing to the market the revolutionary new Aero NT young plug plant system that provides a structure for fast rooting, easy sticking and a consistency in growing not previously seen

Evergreen Events: Specialising in providing floral, planting and bespoke build to the events and exhibitions industry, including features, fencing, floral art, foliage, furniture, gardens and water features

Roundstone Nurseries Ltd:One of the UK's largest and most advanced propagators and finishers of protected ornamentals; located in the area of the highest light levels in the UK giving the best quality plants
New Place Nurseries: Innovative in the supply of nursery stock. Over 100 acres; specialising in trees, liners, shrubs and fruit. With over 40 years of tradition New Forest Plants: Specialising in the production of herbaceous perennials, garden herbs, alpine plants and even wild flowers, providing products of the highest quality to UK customers
Eagle Plants Ltd: Specialising in the production and distribution of perennials produced from cuttings and tissue culture. We strive to add value by continuously sourcing the very best genetics and understanding the customers needs with close personal contact